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Faster Funding Tips

Get Funds in 24 Hours

Faster Funding Tips

Did you know Skopos funds within 24 hours of receiving the complete contract package? Fast funding is one of our biggest priorities, and our dealers are very happy about that!

Here are some tips for making sure your Skopos deals get funded fast:

  1. Call in the complete structure before mailing your contract package.
    This way, Skopos can identify any possible problems with income, employment or advances at the beginning of the process. You can reach our credit team at 1-877-505-6778.
  2. Make sure proof of down payment is included in your funding package.
    The down payment must be paid in full prior to mailing the package. And, if the customer paid by check, confirm that it has cleared their account.
  3. Ensure the customer has full-coverage auto insurance (not liability only) with Skopos listed as the lienholder.
    The deductible should be $500 max. Proof of insurance must be included in your funding package.
  4. Educate your buyer on the pre-funding customer interview.
    Prior to funding, we reach out to every customer for a brief interview to verify all the deal information. Please let your buyer know this interview is required. Your customer can even be proactive by giving us a call on their own, after you have shipped the funding package. They can reach our funding department at 1-877-505-6779.
  5. Review the package carefully before sending it in.
    By far, the most effective step any dealer can take is to send Skopos a clean contract package from the outset. The less back and forth needed to track down missing items, the faster we can remit payment to you. Here is a link to a checklist of all the items you should include in your funding package:
    View Checklist
  6. Correctly document our assignee or lienholder name.
    The correct name is Skopos Financial, LLC.
  7. Mail your contract package to the right address.
    The correct addresses are below.

    Skopos Financial
    4054 Willow Lake Blvd., Ste 2104
    Memphis, TN 38153

    UPS or United States Postal Service:
    Skopos Financial
    3268 Progress Way, Ste 2104
    Wilmington, OH 45177
  8. Let your underwriter know right away if the deal specifics change.
    If Skopos can work within the new circumstances, you’ll know immediately, and funding will not be held up while we review the updated specifics. If the deal no longer fits within our program, you won’t spend unnecessary time preparing and sending a package for a deal we can’t purchase. You can reach our credit department at 1-877-505-6778.